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Billy Bishop Airport (City Centre Airport) or YTZ is the airport everyone loves. With a strong commitment to the community and well being of Canada Billy Bishop Airport is home to 5700 Jobs in the GTA all which are permanent including ground staff, administration, clerical, etc. including 1700 jobs directly associated with the airport.

Billy Bishop Airport’s “Good Neighbor Policy” ensures that noise levels are kept in check which is why research has proven that Billy Bishop Airport is QUITER than local car traffic. In 2014 Billy Bishop Airport played a critical role to exactly 3,793 Medevac Operations & NO other airport in North America has stricter “Noise” policies. You can even register a complaint regarding noise on there website.


Billy Bishop Airport’s commitment to the community doesn’t stop there, apart from being one of Ontario’s leading airports the airport generates $1.9 Billion in economic output each year & contributes $640 Million to Toronto’s GDP.

Billy Bishop Airport pays $57 million annually in taxes to all levels of government. They pay the SAME amount of taxes as Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport.


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