We are well aware of tight schedules and type of car/limo service that is required by our clientele. Being the best limo services in town and Pearson’s Authorized transportation service provider, we provide you private cars for your corporate events such as conferences, seminars, business dinners, trade shows,  Incentive events, board meetings, trade fairs and many more.

We understand, your privacy is important. You may need to make a phone call while on the go, conference video call, take a nap or just relax and enjoy the view out of tinted privacy glass windows before your presentation. Why share a vehicle with a stranger? Pay for the services you deserve.

We offer special prices and accounts for our corporate clients with there personal portal, so they can make reservation while going back to home, review last month travel history and manage there own travel account.CorporateLimo (1)

It is so easy to understand, you’ll be getting a 5 digits account number after getting registered (Free Registration) so that next time when you’ll be calling our 24/7 dispatch department just provide that 5 digit number and the dispatcher will know all your nominal detail. Now you just have to provide pick up date, time and location.

So first you SAVE TIME, than we are offering special rates for corporate accounts so you SAVE MONEY. This is not it you’ve many more benefits. A beautiful wise saying “You need to step in to the water to examine”

Our Clients