Promotion Story

Let me share a real experience and story with you, last time when we started a promotion we’ve faced a weird things. Price from Pearson to Downtown Toronto was $50+tax which comes to $56.50. So in promotion the price was $45 flat inclusive tax. A lady called and booked but before hang up, she asked are you guys going to show up for sure? And the dispatcher was ????? Definitely Madam your car is going to be there 5 min prior in front of your door and you’ll be getting a confirmation email as well. But she was still hesitate whether her car is going to be there or not. Dispatch: Madam you want us to charge you $65 just to make you sure that car is going to be there… Lady oh no no (Smiling) I was just curious your flat rate is very low so am just not sure about services (hesitate). Dispatch: Madam, first this is a promotional price as the promotion will be over you’ll be paying different prices. Second, you’ve email confirmation which means your car is definitely going to be there to pick you up. She trusted on our service, and hung up.

And now she’s one from our happy and satisfied clients with her friends and family referrals. (:Happy Ending:)
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